Patient Village – New in Copenhagen!

Patient Village – New in Copenhagen!

For the first time, the EADV has organised a Patient Society Village during its 24th Congress where 10 International Patient Societies will be present, with the aim of bridging the gap and strengthening dialogue with healthcare professionals.

Patient organisations are committed to support education, advocacy programmes and are the link between patients suffering from particular conditions and the most highly ranked doctors in dermatology and venereology.

The collaboration of these two partners – the first giving their day-to-day testimony and concerns,  the second providing medical knowledge and experience – is one way in which to develop understanding  and reach a higher status, consciousness  and clinical care.

The village will be strategically located near the Exhibition Area and the Session Rooms and you are kindly invited to stop by to meet and chat with the various society representatives, who will be delighted to get to know you.

Here you have a list of the societies who took the opportunity to be in Copenhagen with us and that look forward to making new connections with both professionals and exhibitors:

AAD Danish Asthma and Allergy Association

A.DI.PSO Association for the Defence of Psoriasis Patients

AEF Atopisk Eksem Forening

APL Association of People Suffering from Psoriasis

EDIN International Ectodermal Dysplasia Network

EUROPSO The European Umbrella Organisationfor Psoriasis Movements

GAAPP Global Allergy and Asthma Patient Platform

IADPO International Alliance of Dermatology patient organization

IFPA International Federation of Psoriasis Associations

Patientforeningen HS-Denmark Danish Hidradenitis Supporativa Patient Association

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