European Sub Specialty Society and International Society Meetings are completely organised by the societies themselves, however the finalised scientific programme should be approved by a representative of the EADV Scientific Programming Committee.

European Society meetings are held on the pre-Congress Wednesday and slots will be arranged on a first-come, first-served basis. International Societies (e.g. Indian society of dermatology, International Academy of Cosmetic Dermatology, ecc.) will have slots allocated on Sunday afternoon, after the Concluding Session.

No European national society or patient association meetings can be held during the subspecialty meetings slots.

The meeting should be a scientific session and not a mini-congress, a board meeting or an AGM (Annual General Assembly). Any of these meetings must take place outside the congress venue. Eligible societies must all be recognised European Sub Specialty or International Society of dermatology or venereology.

Slots can be booked and allocated through the online platform, by clicking in the link below.


Slots are limited to 20 sessions on Wednesday for European Societies and 9 on Sunday afternoon reserved for International associations. Each slot will be scheduled for a maximum of 4 hours and no meetings will be permitted during the main scientific programme. Special requests should be sent in writing to [email protected]

All societies will be offered the complimentary use of a lecture hall and basic audio visual support (screen, LCD projector, lectern with microphone, top table for 3 persons with 2 microphones), and must adhere to the following conditions:

  • The scientific content must be submitted on the online platform no later than 30 April, 2015. In cases of duplication and pre-emption, the SPC representative may ask the society to review the content.
  • Participants to these meetings will be required to pay the daily registration fee if they are not already registered for the event.
  • All Speakers and Chairs must be registered for the Congress at least one month prior to the opening. If this condition is not adhered to, the meeting will not be confirmed nor published in the final programme book.
  • A maximum of 20 speakers (including chairs) can be included in each meeting.
  • The session title and full programme, including speakers and topics, will be published in the final programme. No acknowledgements or sponsoring companies will be mentioned.
  • Abstracts received before the given deadline will be included on the official Congress Abstract CD-ROM. After that time, it will be too late for inclusion.
  • No society may take payments from attending members before, during or after the session. The exchange of money is not permitted.
  • Sub Specialty Societies will be invited or accepted at the discretion of the SPC and the EADV, and their presence at previous events may be used as a guide.
  • No industry sponsored events can take place during the sub specialty meetings. In addition stands, roll ups and product demonstrations are not permitted during the sub specialty meetings. Companies interested in organising a lecture or a product demonstration should book a satellite symposium, a Meet the Expert session or an exhibition space.

For further information regarding exhibition space, please contact [email protected]

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