Is Cannabis Oil addictive? | You must know that!

It runs like a red thread through the Internet on this topic. We are talking about the danger of becoming addicted through the consumption of oil from cannabis. On the one hand you can read, such a danger does not exist. Again and again one came however also reading, it would be an addiction danger or at least an entrance drug. Is that true?

Don't be fooled by the term "cannabis

You can't blame the people who are interested in cannabis oil for asking themselves the question about the danger of addiction. Possible reservations can be understood, just from the concept of cannabis. But what is much worse than this question is the different opinions with alternative facts. Because the question whether one becomes addicted from oil or CBD oil is absurd. Untrue especially for the reason that the question of the addiction risk due to extensive research leaves is scientifically answered.

That's why addicted doesn't do it.

In connection with cannabis and an oil from it, you have to know that differences exists. So there is oil here which is a pure oil. Alternatively, there is also oil that has a THC content. Now you have to know, the most important thing about drugs and an addiction is the THC. Because the THC is responsible for the effect, for the intoxication. Although there is a THC content in oil or hemp seeds, no addiction can develop from it. In order to become addicted, the THC content would have to be correspondingly high. And that is not the case with oil. Because here the regulations of the legislator, who limits the quantity of the THC to only 0.2 percent, apply. And this value applies throughout the European Union. In countries outside the EU, there is also oil with a higher THC content. Such, however, are not permitted with us. Accordingly, you don't have to deal with the questions about Help with drug withdrawal or cannabis oil addicted.

Scientific findings on the risk of addiction

As already mentioned, there was extensive scientific research with regard to the question of addiction risk. At this point we will not list them, as it would go beyond the scope. Instead, we limit ourselves to the EU Directive 2002/46/EC. This EU directive is the result of a scientific investigation by the European Union. And here one clearly comes to the conclusion that there is no danger of addiction. The opposite is the case. Thus, the positive properties are pointed out, especially in the treatment of certain diseases. Accordingly, the oil is today also regarded as a dietary supplement.

The prejudices against cannabis and all kinds of products like oil are great. Directly here unfortunately often an addiction danger is assumed. But it is precisely with oil that these concerns can be wiped off the table. This is because the THC content is limited to 0.2 percent, especially for oils that also have a THC content. Accordingly, consumption cannot lead to an addiction. Here you should never be misled at any time. Because that there is no danger of addiction is the result of several studies. One of them is from the European Union, which also denies the danger of addiction.

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