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Many people associate marijuana, cannabis and the like with intoxication, drugs and pure consumption. The manifold effect as well as the manifold application possibilities of the cannabis plant are mostly unknown - wrongly! The cannabis plant can not only be used to produce intoxicants, but it can also be used to produce remedies such as CBD oil. You'll find out what this is all about in this article.

What is cannabis?

hemp, also called cannabis, is a plant of the hemp family and is one of the oldest useful plants on earth. Centuries ago they were used to make ropes, clothes and bags, but also medicines, edible and essential oils. It is a herbaceous plant and can be recognized immediately by the type of leaves. They always have the typical shape of a hand and are notched or sawed at the edges.

Cannabis as an intoxicant

Unfortunately, the first type or oh variant of cannabis is the one used as an intoxicant. Parts of the female cannabis plant are consumed in this way. Here one speaks colloquially of grass or Weed. The resin obtained from this is then called hashish. The THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), which occurs exclusively in the female plant, is responsible for the intoxicating effect. In most countries, forbidden is responsible for the possession, trafficking or transfer of these substances. In some countries, such as the Netherlands but also in some American states, allowed and the drug trade are under state control. This is to prevent stretched and thus contaminated goods from entering the market, which would cause additional harm to consumers.

Cannabis as a remedy

But cannabis can also have positive sides. Even the "drug" cannabis with the active ingredient THC from the female plant is often successfully used in patients with Tourette's disease. on prescription can be used in pharmacy under special circumstances. It can also be used as a possible remedy, against cancer, and can reduce the risk of schizophrenia's disease by up to 37%.

Cannabis as a useful plant

Cannabis has also always been used as a useful plant. Its fibres can be used to make textiles, ropes, rigging ropes for ships or paper. Hemp is therefore very popular as a renewable raw material, not least because of its rather undemanding cultivation and breeding.

Cannabis as Food and cannabis oil

The cannabis seeds, which are specially bred for consumption, are actually very healthy. They provide you with many fibres, proteins, fats and valuable vitamins and minerals. They can also be used to press oils, similar to olive oil. These oils are true miracle cures, where we have returned to the title of the article.
Is cannabis a miracle cure? I would almost say yes, but much more I would call it a multi-talent. The two manufacturers Endoca and Medihemp have established themselves.
They are regarded as pioneers on the market for hemp products from organic cultivation. Many experience and reviews from enthusiastic testers confirm the high quality of the products. The products are all THC free - so don't make you high.
The oils can be used for numerous aches and pains. They help with lose weight, can relieve stress and serve you as a valuable dietary supplement. Foods made from and with hemp are currently in vogue because they are healthy and rich in fibre. But not only oils are offered, but also chewing gum, butte or tablets.
These really do act as food supplements in the truest sense of the word or help you to relieve stress.

What's the point of all this?

...could be your question right now with all the information that's pervading you. Cannabis in this form should help you to switch to a natural product. No chemicals in the form of anti-stress pills, slimming pills etc. Cannabis and its various forms such as chewing gum, oils and the like are purely herbal products and therefore a real alternative. The multiple application possibilities make it a little bit exciting to handle the products and to review them. In addition, the two manufacturers mentioned are certified dealers, which gives you a bit more security in your decision.

bottom line If you want to change your lifestyle and value natural products from organic manufacturing and organic cultivation, then you should consider switching to the alternative cannabis. It's a real all-rounder that you can use in many ways. It is a real vitamin and ballast bomb as a dietary supplement and medically versatile applicable. The beautiful thing about the plant is that everything from the plant can really be used and utilized, so that you do not only your body and the environment a favor, but also your conscience; and the whole thing even without becoming a high.

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