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Cannabidiol is one of the new superstars among herbal remedies and aids. For a long time, the hemp plants and their active ingredients lived a shadowy existence, now appearing all the more glamorous and in a completely new light. More and more enthusiastic users swear by the calming and soothing effect of hemp extracts. And not only in the wellness sector is the plant on the triumphal march, also the renowned drug research is currently intensively concerned with hemp and its various active ingredient complexes.

The discovery of cannabinoids

Around 120 individual active ingredients belong to the group of cannabinoids, all of which are active ingredients of hemp plants. Until now, it was mainly THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) that was associated with hemp. There is still confusion between THC and CBD - and completely wrongly so. Even if both substances appear similar, on closer inspection they even have an opposite effect and CBD is definitely not a noise triggering substance. In medical terms, both substances also have a very broad spectrum of effects, which is currently being researched. In some cases they can complement each other and in Alzheimer's research both substances are currently undergoing promising tests and studies. Cannabinoids dock to specific receptors in the human nervous system. These, in turn, belong to their own system of nerve strands, which are closely related to the general well-being and metabolic processes in the human body. The research with cannabinoids is still relatively young. Although cannabinoids were isolated and described by an American scientist in the 1970s, the plant was forgotten for a long time.

Relaxing effect and positive influence on the psyches

In general, the effect spectrum of the CBD can be described as a deep relaxation effect. Many diseases and disturbances of well-being are caused or accompanied by nervous overload and the associated states of tension in the entire body. Teaching holistic health repeatedly emphasize the importance of the flow of energy and strength in the body. Where stress and overload cause congestion, a pathological event develops. CBD's broad spectrum of action can be explained simply by the fact that relaxation and flow can be regarded as one of the essential foundations of healing. By relieving and balancing the nervous system, inflammatory processes of all kinds can be alleviated. The THC has a similar effect, but the state of relaxation is accompanied by a more or less strong intoxication, which can have a harmful effect on the psyche. In this area the CBD even works against the THC, as it is able to attenuate psychoses caused by THC.

possible applications

In pharmacology, CBD is currently being intensively researched for the treatment of the following diseases - Alzheimer's - chronic inflammatory bowel diseases - depressive bipolar disorders - Parkinson's It is already approved in the United States as an orphan drug for a special form of epilepsy in children. Orphan drugs are used to treat diseases that are so rare that further research is not worthwhile. They are therefore subject to a simplified authorisation procedure. In the field of self-medication and wellness treatments, CBD can be used to treat the following complaints - Acute and chronic Pain and tensions - Stress, overload and persistent nervousness - all kinds of nervous diseases - sleep disorders - acne - Arthrosis, arthritis and rheumatism - epilepsy - to regulate appetite in the case of obesity - for addictions of all kinds as well as for smoking cessation - for the relief of severe diseases such as cancer, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson's disease, Alzheimer's disease

CBD oil

The oil is also known as cannabis oil, which is fundamentally different from hemp oil, which is used as cooking oil in the kitchen. CBD oils, on the other hand, are intended for medical applications and wellness treatments and are only dosed in droplets. The carrier substance is not always pure hemp oil, some suppliers mix the CBD with other edible oils such as thistle, linseed or sunflower oil. For the actual manufacturing of CBD oil, the blossoms and leaves of female plants of certain useful hemp varieties are used. These types of hemp are subject to strict regulations by the EU regulations and contain hardly to very little THC. The CBD is obtained from the plant by extraction or dissolution with carbon dioxide. The plant essences are pressed out of the plant material under high pressure with the help of CO2. In a further work step the pressure is lowered again and as a result the valuable substances separate again from the CO2. Up to this point, there is a precursor substance known as CBDA acid. The active CBD is only created by heating it, as it is then further processed into numerous products such as oils, hemp cream or crystals.

Varied ingredients

In addition to CBD, other essences are extracted from the plant in these processes. These include other cannabinoids, such as cannabis chromas (CBC) and cannabigerols, as well as valuable secondary plant compounds and terpenes. In addition, traces of substances such as chlorophyll, beta carotene, vitamins as well as various trace elements and minerals can be found. Natural products are always subject to certain fluctuations in the ingredients, which depend on the quality of the raw material, the cultivation method and further processing. In Germany, only products with a THC content below 0,2 percent can be freely sold. A guarantee that the oils are completely free of THC cannot be given by manufacturers. If you want the purest and easiest to dose CBD addiction, you should use the CBD crystals and other manufactured products.

CBD crystals

The crystals is a particularly pure form of the CBD. Normally, even cannabis extracts still contains at least traces of other plant compounds. In a special process, the plant extract is further purified by crystallizing the ingredients and thus separating them from each other. The crystals consist of almost 99 percent pure isolated CBD. The advantage of crystals, as offered by Endoca, for example, is that the ingredients are particularly easy to dose and reliable. They are easy to weigh and provide the user with a better overview of which quantities of CBD achieve which effects.

How the CBD can be applied in practice

The oil has a very tart to bitter taste, which is well accepted by some people, but others have problems with it. The market has adapted to the preferences of individuals with a variety of CBD products and dosage forms: Oil for oral absorption through the oral mucosa A drops will be placed under the tongue. The active ingredients of the oil unfold in the mouth, the salivary flow is stimulated. For optimal effect, the oil should remain in the mouth for about 15 minutes and the resulting saliva fluid should be swallowed. Afterwards the mouth can be rinsed with some water. Lung absorption with E-cigarettes or an evaporator The oil must be brought to a certain temperature before smoke or evaporation. The exact procedure can usually be found in the leaflets with application tips. The advantage of this method is the possible separation of unwanted by-products. intake via food and drinks cannabis oils can be baked into cakes and biscuits or easily incorporated into other dishes. The taste, which is unpleasant for some, can be softened easily. Do not mix in alcoholic beverages when drinking. Postage paid in capsules The big advantage is that the taste sensors do not come into contact with the oil. It is an alternative for all those who absolutely do not tolerate the Gemack. With this application, the effect always starts a little delayed, depending on how long the body needs to decompose the capsule. In addition there are products like hemp cream, pills, suppositories and chewing gum extracts for example with Endoca.

CBD Oil and the dosage

Since cannabis oil is a plant product to which everyone responds differently, it is difficult to give uniform dosages. Books and reports from self-users on the Internet can be a help. All in all, it should be started slowly in order to in itself the compatibility of the Gemschmack or the effect of the oil on the mucous membranes to review. Then you have to observe yourself and the effect well. In the area of self medication, it lies in the responsibility of each individual user to find out what and how much is doing him or her good of a substance. As a rule, the body absorbs the CBD, which enters the bloodstream directly via the mucous membranes, very quickly and shows a dissolving effect. During the first 14 days there should be clear signs of a relaxation reaction or a beneficial effect. After that it can come to a kind of habituation, the solved condition hopefully becomes more "normal" and the effects do not appear so clearly in the perception of the user. Side effectss also become noticeable very quickly. As with all herbal products, individual reactions can occur. side effectss known so far for extreme overdose are drowsiness, loss of appetite and diarrhea. Aversion to the bitter taste can also lead to nausea or vomiting. If such phenomena occur more frequently and persist, the dosage must either be reduced, the dosage form adapted, for example, a CBD cream or the CBD completely discontinued.

Nervous anxiety and stress are unfortunately part of everyday life for so many people that it is often not noticeable for so long that the system works permanently at the stop until serious illnesses occur. cannabidiol and its various products are a gift of nature from which many people with chronic ailments can benefit. Treat yourself to peace and relaxation with one of the oldest medicinal plants of mankind.

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