CBD and THC | You must know that!

When it comes to CBD, many people automatically associate it with THC. But that's not the case, there is differences here. The same is true for cannabis oil and THC, you have to differentiate here as well. What you have to distinguish here can be seen in the following article experience.

CBD is available with THC and without

CBD is legal and therefore freely marketable and consumable. Especially because CBD can also contain THC, Tetrahdydrocannabinol, many people's eyes light up. Because they promise themselves a completely legal intoxication by the consumption of the CBD. Because THC has an intoxicating effect like any other drug. Unfortunately not in connection with CBD. Because here there is a misbelief and that in several respects. On the one hand, CBD is not always necessarily associated with THC. Rather, there are different products here. And this does not mean oil, Anoint, Medihemp or the numerous other forms. Rather it is about the composition of the CBD. So there is here pure CBD, but also the CBD with THC. With pure CBD there are no components of THC at all. Whether there are ingredients or not, is always also from the respective genus addicted.

There is no intoxication.

With the CBD with THC you have to know that there is no intoxication here. This has the simple background that the content of THC in CBD is too low. This is because it is limited to a maximum of 0.2 percent. Accordingly, there can never be an intoxication effect at any time, regardless of the amount consumed. Consumption, however, can have the many positive consequences that we will come to. Of course, you can also find CBD from abroad on the Internet, for example from the Switzerland and other countries. These lure with a significantly higher THC content in CBD. In Switzerland legal, for example, it is one percent. This is very much in comparison to Germany or the European value of 0.2 percent. But here one should not be tempted. Because even if you get CBD with higher THC values in other countries, you are not allowed to consume them in Germany. If you do it anyway, you'll be subject to prosecution. Of course, this also applies to the property.

You have to know that: cannabis oil vs THC

It's not much different with the cannabis oil. Here there is almost a coincidence to the CBD. It is clear that anyone who hears of such an oil also associates it with a corresponding effect. After all it is cannabis and there is this with a THC content. But here, too, the consumption of hemp seeds or Sensi Seeds cannabis oil will not result in any rushing effect. As with the CBD, a distinction is made here between cannabis oil and THC. So there is pure cannabis oil, but also with THC. As with the CBD, the THC content is limited to 0.2 percent. Whether CBD or cannabis oil, one should always know whether with THC or without, there can be no intoxication at any time. Accordingly, there is no danger of addiction. What it can come to is side effects. Be it because you react to it or because you have an overdose. Then fatigue, a dry mouth or drowsiness can occur for a short time until the effect subsides. The range of the possible side effects is even larger. All in all, however, the possible side effects are of little significance and have no serious consequences. Rather, both funds have a great effect on health and that in a positive sense. They curb appetite, stimulate the metabolism or have an anxiety-relieving effect, to name just three of the positive properties. CBD, for example, is now used to treat a variety of diseases. Simply because of the very good effect, which is also occupied by numerous studies.

Anyone who associates CBD or cannabis oil with an intoxicating effect or a danger of addiction is mistaken. Both are available in a pure form as well as in a form containing THC components. However, the THC cannot unfold any rushing effect, since the THC content in the CBD is too low. The same applies to oil from cannabis. In both cases, the maximum limit is 0.2 percent in Germany. Thus there is no danger of addiction and no intoxication possible. Offers that promise a higher THC salary, especially products from abroad, should be avoided. Because legal is the possession and consumption only with a THC salary of 0.2 percent. Both have a great effect for health, one should inform oneself here. The application from CBD can be particularly helpful in cases of illness or anxiety disorders.

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