Cannabis spray | You must know that!

Cannabis spray is not the same as CBD spray, although some terms are used side by side. In this article you will learn what the difference is and what is known about Cannabis sprays.

What is the difference between Cannabis and CBD sprays?

The two terms "Cannabis-Sprays" and "CBD-Sprays" are sometimes used synonymously. However, these may be different product groups. The term Cannabis spray is more general - such sprays may contain different ingredients found in the plant. This includes THC, who is responsible for the intoxication often associated with hemp.
Actually, it makes sense to clearly distinguish between the terms "cannabis beller" and "CBD beller". This distinction is often lost in oral conversations and on the Internet - especially as most people do not (yet) know the abbreviation CBD, but have an idea of what cannabis is.
If you want to find out about sprays that do not contain an intoxicating THC, you can look at the THC value that the manufacturer specifies for the product. In cases of doubt, this information appears to be more meaningful than the name on the sprays label.

Where can you cannabis spray buy?

In Germany, a cannabis beller is approved as a drug that is intended, for example, for patients with multiple sclerosis. The drug is intended to help this group of patients with spasticity when other treatments do not work. This medicine also contains THC and is not for sale. A cannabis spray was the most frequently applied cannabis product between July 2017 and February 2018, according to a report by the Techniker Krankenkasse (TK). This spray accounted for about half of all regulations in 2017.
A spray or cannabis oil on prescription may be prescribed by a doctor under certain conditions. In some cases, even the health insurance can cover the costs of treatment. You can buy products like cannabis oil in the pharmacy buy.
However, some sellers also offer "Cannabis spray", which is actually CBD spray, which contains only extremely small amounts of THC or is free of this substance. On the Internet, including renowned news sites such as legal as long as the THC content is below a certain limit and abuse as an intoxicant is ruled out.

From which effect do users proceed?

Many application areas are currently being discussed in relation to cannabis oil. However, many manufacturers are very reluctant or do not comment at all on the possible effect of sprays and other cannabis or CBD products. Whether cannabis oil against asthma will help or whether you can use cannabis oil for arthritis has not yet been conclusively clarified, even if you can read about experience on the Internet again and again.
However, as mentioned above, there is also an approved cannabis spray that can be used in the treatment of spastic for multiple sclerosis (MS) when other options are exhausted. In addition, there are studies, which among other things show a possible Pain-relieving effect of Cannabis-Sprays in neuropathic Pain or tumor pain.
A study on medical cannabis spray for ADHD came to differentiated results: hyperactivity and impulsivity decreased significantly compared to a placebo group, but no significant differences was found regarding cognitive performance between the two groups.

Can Cannabis spray cause side effects?

The criticises that most studiess on cannabis and cannabis products are too short and that there is still too little data on possible side effects of cannabis as a drug. In the ADHD-Study mentioned above, for example, one person suffered from severe muscle cramps. In addition, there were three other mild side effects in the same investigation.
The report lists several possible side effects of cannabis and cannabis products, among them:

  • gastrointestinal problems

  • psychic side effects

  • fake

  • dry mouth

  • Difficulties speaking

Some "Side effects" can be quite welcome with the users. For example, some doctors prescribe a cannabis spray to
cancer or HIV patients to increase their appetite. The relaxation that can occur through the use of cannabis sprays is also generally not described as unpleasant, but even desired by many users. Important: This concerns medicines that also contain THC, not THC-free CBD-Sprays.

Conclusion: Cannabis spray is not the same as CBD spray

The distinction between Cannabis-Spray and CBD-Spray is important because the former may also contain larger amounts of other active substances from hemp plant. Medical Cannabis-Spray, which a doctor has prescribed for you, you can get over a pharmacy order. At the application, you should rely on your doctor's prescription.

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