Cannabis oil studies | You must know that!

Around cannabis oil there is meanwhile a multiplicity at studies, which have the effect and dangers to the object. Unfortunately, with cannabis oils in particular, there are still a number of advantages that prove to be unfounded when you look at the scientific research. The scientific research that is given here can be seen in the following experience.

studies of the World Health Organization

If we are talking about cannabis oils, CBD hemp, CBD crystals or CBD oil, there are a number of advantages here. It is not uncommon for people to assume that this is a drug or a gateway drug. The scientific research are showing themselves to be good. cannabis oils or the CBD smoke is the subject of numerous investigations. One of the largest scientific studies was initiated by the World Health Organization, WHO for short. The WHO came to several conclusions in its study. One is that cannabis oils can't be high. This is also true for cannabis oils which is free with THC buy. Here the content is maixmal 0.2 percent, from such a small amount there is no danger. Accordingly, cannabis oils is not an entry-level drug. Also the scientific investigation and the Meta analyzes came to the conclusion that of cannabis oils a positive effect gives on the health. There is an anti-inflammatory, an analgesic and also an anxiety-relieving effect. In addition to all these positive features, the possible ancillary and automobile cigarettes were also illuminated. Here the World Health Organization came to the result, the possible side effects are small. With regard to car cigarettes, it can reinforce individual medications, but it can also inhibit them. Here, one has to pay attention at the application, as otherwise one can have the described automobiles.

Scientific findings of the European Union

In addition to the World Health Organisation, the European Union has also carried out research. Essentially, the resultss from the scientific investigation are congruent with the World Health Organisation. Based on these findings, cannabis oils and CBD products in general are also approved as food supplements. In general, there are no concerns. But you have to be careful with certain diseases like Parkinso with dosage and with pregnancy. The two studiess described here have not come to any clear conclusion about how cannabis oils can affect pregnancy. There is still a need for research here. Research has also not yet been completed in other areas, for example on the mode of action in certain diseases such as cancer. Of course there is a lot more research from all over the world. Mostly in connection with certain diseases such as cancer or ADHD. To mention all these studies and universities here would go beyond the scope and it would be very special. For this reason we have limited ourselves also to the two studies of official places.

If one neglects the large number of studiess from different universities all over the world, one gets stuck with the studiess of the World Health Organization and the European Union. These have basically studied the dangers and the effect of cannabis oils. Here one can clearly deny a danger of addiction. Instead, there are positive properties to health. The need for research in connection with cannabis oils is far from over. Especially with regard to the possible effects on pregnancy, the research is not yet conclusive.

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