Cannabis oil pregnancy ▷ Could it be effective?

cannabis oil and pregnancy, what do you have to consider? The same questions from women on the Internet sound like this or something similar again and again. Such questions are essentially based on whether there is a danger for the mother, but above all for the baby during pregnancy? Whether such a danger exists and what one should pay attention to, one can experience in the following.

h2: Positive and negative aspects of cannabis oils consumption
Who has read this article and perhaps before or after other articles on the Internet, will be confused. Confused for the reason that the opinions on the health hazard and cannabis oils in a pregnant woman can not be different. On the one hand, the effect of CBD oil is praised. Finally, cannabis oils is used for various diseases. In connection with pregnant women, for example, the relief of typical complaints that can occur when one is Pregnant. This includes nausea or fatigue. Or the supply of important vitamins, fats and acids such as Omega 3. cannabis oils are different, all because there are 50 plant species from which it is extracted. In addition, you can get cannabis oils with a THC salary of 0.2 percent and without THC.

No conclusive scientific evidence

The other point of view is that one should do without cannabis oils. This is because consumption can impair the supply of placenta. Here the consumption of cannabis oils, CBD crystals, CBD paste and CBD hemp can have an effect on the growth of a baby. It has to be said that the research on cannabis oils and pregnancy has not yet been completed. Accordingly, it is not possible at this point to say conclusively how the consumption of cannabis oils has a concrete effect and whether there is an advantage or a disadvantage. What must be said is that the European Union is cautious when it comes to the consumption of cannabis oilsine when there is pregnancy. In general, the European Union sees no health risk for non-pregnant women. Here consumption is even recommended, cannabis oils and other CBD products are approved as dietary supplements. .

What you should do

Irrespective of the confusion about the supposed positive or negative aspects of consumption during pregnancy, the question naturally arises as to which is the right approach. This is not so easy because there is simply a lack of conclusive scientific knowledge. If one is during pregnancy one should make the question of the consumption of cannabis oils from different points addicted. This includes the gynaecologist, who should be consulted by his doctor. Especially since a pregnancy can proceed in different ways, it can easily recognize possible risks. If risks such as a generally poor or weak supply of the baby are discernible or during growth, one should take this as an opportunity and refrain from consuming cannabis oils as a precaution. One should also ask oneself whether one does not want to do without THC-containing cannabis oils during pregnancy.

Whether during pregnancy cannabis oils can be consumed cannot be answered conclusively. There is a lack of sufficient research here. Unfortunately, it is due to this circumstance that the opinions on cannabis oils and pregnancy are very different. The European Union, which has approved cannabis oils and other CBD products as food supplements, at least points to cautious behaviour during pregnancy. This should be heeded and be advised by your gynaecologist. Here one should also always keep an eye on the development of the baby and its care. On the basis of these findings one should then also make the question of the consumption of cannabis oils during pregnancy.

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