Cannabis oil osteoporosis ▷ Could it be effective?

Cannabis is a newly discovered ancient medicine. It has been used successfully for a long time for a wide variety of complaints. Can this miracle herb also be used with against osteoporosis?

What is osteoporosis?

One speaks of an osteoporosis when the body permanently degrades more bone substance than it can build up. The result is fragile, fragile bones. Women are more often affected by osteoporosis than men. Since the disease is usually not painful, many patients do not notice anything until the first bone fracture occurs.
That's why for osteoporosis prevention is so important. But what does such a good provision look like? There is agreement on the following three points:
- Sufficient calcium intake is essential. Without calcium, the body cannot form and maintain healthy bones.
- Vitamin D is also essential for the successful absorption of calcium. Vitamin D is mainly produced by the body itself with the help of sufficient sunlight. Possibly a vitamin D3 supplement taken may be used as a supplement.
- Sufficient physical exercise is also necessary. What is not needed in the body is broken down, including bone mass.

Dairy products as calcium suppliers?

Doctors often prescribe milk and dairy products against osteoporosis because of their high calcium content. That sounds obvious at first glance. Unfortunately, however, it is not as easy as it has turned out in the meantime. Several studies researchers have clearly shown that although dairy products contain a lot of calcium, most of them cannot be absorbed by the body at all.
Green vegetables provide smaller amounts of calcium, but more valuable for the body.
But apart from green vegetables, vitamin D and enough exercise, what else can be done against osteoporosis?

cannabis oil for osteoporosis

Cannabis is still often associated with grass smoke. The plant can do so much more. Many years of illegality have unfortunately led to very little research being conducted into the health-promoting effects of this actually ancient medicinal plant. But since some THC-free strains of hemp have been bred, legal has finally been able to do complete research with them. This means that more and more information about the exact mode of action of the plant can be expected in the coming years.
What has been proven to this day is that CBD / cannabidiol can slow down bone loss in many women. In addition, the time required for bone healing in the event of a fracture is also significantly reduced in most cases. This seems to be mainly due to the fact that bone cells (osteoclasts and osteoblasts) possess cannabinoid receptors and thus the CBD can have a direct, regulating effect on the bone metabolism.
Many people also claim to feel more powerful and fitter since the taking of oil in general.

Where can I get cannabis oil buy and how do I get dose?

CBD grass is now available almost everywhere. However, I recommend that you obtain the oil from a trustworthy source, as the quality can vary greatly.
Pay attention with the dosage above all also to the strength of the oil, respectively how much percent the contained active substance is. Since this difference can be quite large, no standard specifications can be made here. Your state of health, your body weight and your sensitivity towards the Cannabis oil effect also play a role. Start with a smaller dose and climb slowly. side effectss are practically none known so far.

cannabidiol CBD can help for osteoporosis slow down the disease. It also helps broken bones to heal faster and better. This is what the many already existing User reviewss convey to us. It is said that nature has given rise to an herb for every ailment. I'm sure the hemp plant is one of them! It has been used for a long time by healers with great success. At the moment, science is adding to this and explaining why and how this plant for osteoporosis and many other ailments can work.
Use only CBD oil from a reputable supplier.

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