Cannabis oil on prescription | You must know that!

cannabis oil against epilepsy, cannabis oil against cancer and other diseases it is used for treatment. Why it is used and what you need to know about cannabis oil on prescription can be found in the following experience.

cannabis oil is not the same as cannabis oil

As mentioned at the beginning, cannabis oil is now used for a variety of diseases. Be it cannabis oil against migraine where the Pain soothes, for cancer, cannabis oil against panic attacks where it relieves anxiety or cannabis oil against multiple sclerosis where it relaxes the body. Even though the possibilities of use are manifold, one has to keep talking about what cannabis oil is talking about. Because not all cannabis oils are the same. For example, you have to decide between a freely available cannabis oil and a medical cannabis oil. Medical cannabis oil is prescription and can therefore only be obtained on prescription by a doctor. cannabis oil on prescription can then be obtained from a pharmacy.

The differences and the effect

It's very different with free cannabis oil. This is without prescription, so you can buy it on the Internet, at pharmacy or at the buy drugstore. The main difference why this cannabis oil is not prescription is due to the THC content. With medical cannabis oil the THC content can be accordingly high, here it can come quite also to an intoxication effect. The situation is completely different with cannabis oil, who is not only available on prescription, so you can buy and consume freely. Here the THC content is limited to a maximum of 0.2 percent. Due to this circumstance there can be no intoxication at any time. Whereby there are also cannbis oils over the Internet to buy, which show a higher THC salary. But you have to be careful here, because you are not allowed to consume such a product because it exceeds the permitted 0.2 percent limit. Surely now some readers will ask themselves how it looks with the effect. There will certainly be some cutbacks here at the freely accessible cannabis oil. In fact, there are differences in the effect, which can't be that strong because of the THC content. Although the THC content of the cannabis oil is only 0.2 percent, this cannabis oil also has a variety of positive effects and is suitable for the treatment of diseases. It relieves anxiety but also reduces Pain or is anti-inflammatory. To list just a few of the properties of cannabis oil with a THC content of 0.2 percent. studies has shown the European Union and the World Health Organization (WHO), among others, that the freely accessible cannabis oil also has these effects. In addition to the good effect, it was also found that the possible side effects are very small. This is an important aspect, especially in direct comparison to drugs, due to the better tolerability.

Free access to cannabis oil on prescription?

Even in the case of freely accessible cannabis oil, the question often arises as to whether it is possible to obtain this from on prescription. Basically one has to know that freely accessible cannabis oil is not approved as a drug. Rather, it is an approved food supplement. It is precisely in this respect that one can ask one's doctor for a prescription for the treatment of Pain. But it is questionable whether the costs for the cannabis oil will be covered by the health insurance. Here you have to explain why cannabis oil works so well and why no medicine is suitable for it. Corresponding approaches can be good experience with the cannabis oil or in addition, the small side effects and thus a better compatibility. On the Internet you will find corresponding templates and formulation aids on how to formulate such an application for the health insurance fund. If the health insurance company follows the argumentation, one has of course one big advantage, one is no longer burdened with the costs for the purchase of the cannabis oil. What you have to keep in mind when taking this step is that you may not be able to buy the cannabis oil freely and everywhere afterwards, but only in certain pharmacies. Here there can be appropriate instructions from the health insurance company.

When cannabis oil on prescription is spoken of, one must always know what is meant. Because apart from the medical cannabis oil which one actually only receives on the basis of a prescription, there is also the freely accessible one. The freely accessible cannabis oil can be buy and consumed everywhere, but you have to pay the costs yourself. Among the cannabis oils there are differences, which can essentially be determined by the THC content. For free cannabis oil, the THC content is limited to 0.2 percent. Although this value is low, the cannabis oil still has a very good effect, as several studies have proven. On free cannabis oil you can get on prescription, even if you need your health insurance to cover the costs. You don't have a legal right to it. The corresponding templates and formulation aids for the justification of cannabis oil on prescription can be found on the Internet.

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