Cannabis oil for dogs ▷ Could it be effective?

The question of whether cannabis oil for dogs should be used is still a controversial one worldwide. And yet the test results seem to speak for themselves. If you believe this, you should rather ask the question how the cannabis oil for dogs is best used.

The main question has already been answered by the legislation: The application of CBD products for animals is allowed since spring 2017. At that time the use of CBD products in Germany for the treatment of diseases was legalised. This applies to both human and veterinary medicine. The important thing about these products is the fact that they no longer contain any intoxicating ingredients and thus act exclusively on the disease process.

How can CBD for dogs be used and how does it work?

Every mammal is equipped with the so-called ECS (Endocannabodoid System). It represents both a connection and an exchange function between the brain and the organism. It works primarily through the receptors that address emotions, Pain, but also movement. Since the receptors are distributed throughout the entire body, CBD can be used exactly where the organism responds to it.
The dosage is addicted by various factors. The size and weight of the dog as well as the disease and its strength are important for the correct use.
Various options are available for administration. Unfortunately, however, it is not the case that every one of them could be used at the dog. hemp cream, hemp powder and hemp ointment are mainly used for the animals. Hemp Liquid or hemp cuttings are rather problematic when administered.
experience from Canada and United States have shown that CBD can be used both in the area of physical illnesses, especially in the area of the musculoskeletal system, but also in psychological problems. And before they ask: Mental illnesses are also nothing unusual with animals. If you take a closer look at the pain syndrome, for example, you will see that many of Pain's cases originate from previous illnesses or accidents.
A further application option is the preparation as a food supplement. On the one hand because of the medical effect. On the other hand also because hemp also has a nutritional value. Used as a blossoms or herb, you can take advantage of it and offer it to your animal. It also has a very strong positive effect on the entire digestive tract of the animals. As a result of the optimized digestive system, an improvement of the immune system can also be recorded. Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids also support the connection between the brain and the rest of the body.

Is there unwanted side effects?

Basically, the preparations are completely harmless. The intoxicating and addictive substances are removed, so that every effect actually comes about purely organically. Only dry oral mucous membranes and fatigue can occur. And yet one thing should never be left out of sight: Each animal reacts individually to a taking of CBDs. This is the reason why the cooperation with the veterinarian, who of course knows this therapy well, is especially important.

cannabis oil for dogs is a safe preparation to gently harmonize Pain syndromes, even older ones that have built up over the years. The application is harmless to for dogs as long as the correct dosage, recommended by an experienced veterinarian, is adhered to. Due to medical effect, hemp products administered in the form of dietary supplements should only be given for a limited period of time.
Order one can get these safe preparations by the way on the Internet at various providers.

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