Cannabis oil for children | You must know that!

Our lifestyle and the environment in which our children grow up is often not healthy. Wen wundert´s when toddlers and adolescents exhibit unusual behaviour.
These include many forms of attention deficit.

Whether ADS or ADHD, the attention-deficit hyperactive syndrome occurs more and more frequently in urban children and there in boys. Here to achieve relief and even healing with hemp products is still new.

Zappelkinder and how we can help you

Less and less physical movement of the children with simultaneous passive stimulus flooding and gigantic mental input in our days means that the accumulated energies make room for themselves in the form of ADHD or ADS.
The diagnosis should be handled very sensitively and conscientiously. Since not all restless children carry such a clinical picture in themselves. Of course, you can offer a rich exercise program as a preventive measure, which gives the children the opportunity to let off steam while playing and having fun in the afternoon.
In order to avoid conflicts with the living environment and school failure, however, therapy and medication in the form of hemp powder is also helpful.
Unfortunately there are still too few valid studies for the use of hemp (CBD and THC). Therefore it is prescribed in the children and youth psychiatry quite little. However, experience reports document an increased ability to concentrate and an improvement in impulsive behaviour.
Since ADD is therefore very difficult to diagnose as a pure attention deficit syndrome, attempts are made to treat core symptoms such as inattention, daydreaming, distraction, low stamina and forgetfulness with the aid of
to determine a clinical picture.
CBD is generally considered to be free of side effects with a few exceptions where fatigue, loss of appetite, nausea and dry mouth can occur.
For children with ADS or ADHD, 3 x daily between 5 and 10 drops of 25 milligrams CBD oil are recommended.
Also here there is only User reviews, for example of a girl who got an improved memory by the taking of the hemp oil, the fears disappeared and she could sleep better.
Or an 11-year-old boy managed, thanks to CBD taking, to regulate his uncontrolled outbursts of anger and show willingness to talk. Many more User reviews are available.
It has been reported several times that stress, anxiety and anger are clearly lose weight with regular taking.

What can also help

The delicate scent of hemp ointment can have a calming effect on the nervous system, while the main focus of healing is on skin damage of all kinds, from psoriasis to stretch marks.
Even Hemp cuttings can now be freely ordered on the Internet to make Hemp tea out of the big plants. The adult plants are not to be turned for hemp cigarettes however, since only the blossoms and seeds are used.
The taste of hemp tea can vary greatly depending on application and processing whether blossoms, leaves and stems are dried. Its pleasure with the pleasant aroma becomes digestive, antispasmodic, relaxing and calming and strengthens the immune system. The tea also brightens the mood.

On the basis of the amendment to the law of March 2017, all physicians in private practice, with the exception of doctors and dentists, are allowed to prescribe cannabinoids. Small childrens and their symptoms have to be examined particularly carefully, since the body's own endocannabioid system develops by the age of 20 and an impairment by the taking of cannabis is not yet documented.
The Sonnenhof children's hospice in Berlin also offers therapeutic successes with dronabinol, tetrahydrocannabinol, against pain, spasticity, loss of appetite and nausea due to serious illnesses for children, youth and toddlers. Since the childrens are terminally ill there, it is important to provide them with relief and some quality of life in the first place.
The United States have reported successes in the use of drugs with a very high proportion of CBD, which brought good results for epilepsy and seizures.
First and foremost, all hemp preparations have a relaxing, Pain-relieving and calming effect.

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