Cannabis oil for anxiety ▷ Could it be effective?

Fear is a double-edged sword: on the one hand it enables man to survive, because a healthy fear warns of real and acute dangers, while subtle creeping fears are a problem of civilization for mankind. We will explain to you how cannabis oil can successfully use against anxiety.

Anxiety and chronic anxiety

Psychology distinguishes both types of anxiety as follows: Fear as a condition at the moment, which is called "state anxiety" with the English technical term and fear as a property, "trait anxiety". The latter means that fear has established itself as a lifestyle habit. You know this when you step onto the road, feel a draft of air and a rush, shortly after that some adrenaline shoots into your metabolism and you almost automatically step back a step and the tanker truck can rustle past. Anxiety as a permanent condition, on the other hand, manifests itself in subtly gnawing doubts, consistently negative imaginations and finally depressions and all kinds of secondary illnesses. The extent of hidden anxiety disorders in our society is enormous.

What fear does to your body

The acute fear, which warns you of a real danger at the right moment, briefly raises your whole system, because after all you need energy to dodge the danger and your mind must be wide awake. Extreme athletes have made this kick their hobby!
The word fear is derived from the Latin "angere" and means translated "to strangle", "to strangle the air". For a short moment you freeze, then the flight reaction starts or you step into a fight with a counterpart who threatens you. Fear becomes a habit and the body lives in a certain way permanently in the so-called "escape or fight mode" your system secretly runs constantly at the stop. As a result, more and more fears (including things like jealousy or the desire to earn more and more money!), tensions and disorders in the permanently over-excited nervous system emerge.

How cannabis oil can help

The main active ingredient of cannabis oil is the cannabidiol or CBD. This active ingredient is obtained from hemp seeds, hemp flower and other components of the plant. One of the most important effects known so far is a solving and calming effect for anxiety up to psychotic states. In the human system, the active ingredient docks to receptors that are involved in the processing of old, unpleasant experience as well as general stress alleviation. Constant, even subtle fear, which is not even perceived in everyday consciousness, ensures permanent muscle contraction. The muscle strands at the jaw joint, the lumbar spine and generally along the back are particularly frequently affected. The actual significance of pure and lasting relaxation of the body in the holistic healing of a person is still underestimated, whereby systems such as meditation and similar mental concentration exercises also aim precisely at this: a solution to mental hardening, which is directly related to physical tensions and blockages.
One could say that our society is trained for fear and malaise. Anyone who is constantly healthy and happy and has no worries is almost regarded as abnormal or unworldly. If you yourself have been exposed to such environments for a long time and have adopted the appropriate thinking habits and fear patterns, it may take some time to break away from them. Constant drops hollows the stone and so cannabis oil can lead regularly and best applied with other relaxation techniques permanently to a more relaxed life without fear. When the muscles begin to relax, old illusions can come into your waking consciousness and you can better recognize where fear is actually appropriate and where it is not. Overall, your life can become more real, easier and more joyful if you are no longer ruled by fear.

Power cannabis oil high

Since the cannabis oil hardly contains THC - no! hemp oil and CBD products available for sale in Germany may not contain more than 0,2 percent THC. The relaxing effect of canabidiol cannot be compared to a intoxicating high. The oil is not psychoactive in the sense that in a matter of seconds it brings about an intoxicating change. What you can expect, however, is that the long-term application of a solubilizing and mood-lightening substance will reach an overall "higher" state that is better than any short and rapidly evaporating high. Increased well-being has a direct effect on more joie de vivre and productivity. If you really want to reach your goals again and get away from your worries, it can be like a positive long-term high.

Power cannabis oil addicted

No, cannabis oil can be fun and of course you can or should at best even get used to his pleasant effect. However, this is not an addiction in the negative sense, but the natural search of man for what does him good and helps him.
If you are dealing with anxiety problems, please note that forms of habitual anxiety can also be a kind of hidden addiction. The body gets used to the constant tension caused by fears plus the permanent release of even small doses of adrenaline through horror ideas of all kinds. In a nutshell, you could say that your system will run on the wrong fuel, which will damage your pipes even more in the long run.
A healthy, pleasant state of tension in the body, on the other hand, is relaxed, active and creative, and cannabis oil can help you to do just that. When human systems run in constant negative modes, it is more likely that people will resort to equally "negative" harmful aids to relieve themselves. But this can be changed by a slow adaptation, regular gentle and natural relaxation as well as an adaptation of the thinking and living habits.

cannabis oil for anxiety can be used successfully to resolve internal stress conditions. By releasing the tensions in the body and calming the nerves, a development towards a life free of fear can be triggered and supported. high-quality cannabis oil and many other products around the CBD are manufactured by Hemptouch, for example.

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