Cannabis oil fibromyalgia ▷ Could it be effective?

We all want a healthy body. When we are at peace with ourselves and embedded in happy living conditions, enjoying our existence, eating consciously and healthily with sufficient exercise, there is hardly a reason for illness.
Unfortunately, reality often looks different. More and more diseases haunt us. A mental and spiritual imbalance often manifests itself in the form of physical illnesses. These include the fibromyalgia and the fibromyalgia syndrome.

The symptoms are complex and the causes often difficult to fathom.
On the non-physical level, the American author Inna Segal suspects in her book "The Hidden Language of the Body" that people with these patterns of suffering unintentionally overstrain themselves, hit themselves to the ground and struggle with the feeling of being stuck. Repentance, feelings of guilt, anxiety and depression also manifest themselves in the form of Pain symptoms.
The affected persons suffer from enormous Pain in the musculature, as well as from morning stiffness, chronic exhaustion and concentration disturbances.
Recent ways out of suffering have been shown with the medical hemp CBG / cannabigerol (a non-psychoactive cannabinoid). And finally there is also well-founded User reviews.

The way to healing with medical hemp

In the meantime there is literature worth reading, which is well written also for laymen, over the effects of Cannabis as medicine for example of Michael Backes. Carefully researched, it shows modern studies research on the healing benefits of medicinal marijuana, its metabolism and effect.

CBD And THC What distinguishes both fabrics?

While CBD, as one of the 60 cannabinoids of cannabis, interacts with our body's receptor cells and is offered as food, cream or Liquid to use its soothing effect, THC is more of an intoxicant as it contains the main psychoactive agent and taking releases dopamine after about 30 minutes, THC's effect sets in and lasts for about two hours.

CBD smoke

Since the CBD has a different effect than THC, the smoke is harmless, because the THC residual content of approx. 0.3 % is not sufficient to cause intoxication. But it helps against cramps, nausea, fears and inflammations. Perception and comprehension are not influenced.

Who produces and sells cannabis?

Endoca is one of the many suppliers who sell CBD products and use only natural, pesticide- and herbicide-free cannabinoids in their products. The mission of the American company is to make our endocannabinoid system with the help of their hemp-based products from at the same time. Their philosophy is to produce sustainably in harmony with nature instead of poisoning it.

Enecta from the who is who of the medical hemp scene

It's also a provider of hemp medical products. This Italian family business also attaches great importance to environmentally friendly, biologically sustainable cultivation and natural production with strict quality controls. The traditional company uses the experience of botanists, educators, scientists and hemp breeders and invests in the further research of the hemp plants.
They also represent the philosophy that what nature gives us so generously, they also offer at a reasonable price.
All products are offered with a very good price-performance ratio. Short transport routes of the Cannabis Sativa L. variety, cultivated exclusively in Italy, with little THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) - proportion rounds off the excellent company portrait.

. What helps for fibromyalgia now?

The good news is. CBD's products have been proven to help with joint and muscle pain because of their anti-inflammatory and relaxing properties. Because it also improves the quality of sleep,
the people affected feel recovered and more relaxed after the application of the CBD products, which have almost no side effects.
Concentration is also encouraged and forgetfulness is also reduced. As a positive side-effect of the taking from CBD medicines, improved performance has also been proven.

bottom line If you decide to use cannabis plant remedies, we would like to recommend the Italian Enecta products to you. These meet high quality standards and originate from biological sustainability with short transport distances and a balanced price performance ratio. We wish you a painless, relaxed and happy life in a nature in which we would all like to live.

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