Cannabis oil driver's license | You must know that!

cannabis oil and the driver's license, that question keeps coming up. Because like the good effects of Endoca, Enecta, hemp cream or Hemp Liquid, what happens with a police check with my driver's license? We will answer this question in the following article.

Permissible THC content and possible consequences

Because of the good effect is cannabis oil, also known as CBG / cannabigerol, it likes to be in case of disease or simply for the well-being taken. Basically there are cannabis oils with a THC content, but also without THC content. And it is precisely this THC that is important in the question of whether there is a danger for the driver's license. If it concerns cannabis oil with THC salary, then one must know here what allowed is and what not. For example, there is a maximum limit value of 0.2 percent. The THC content at cannabis oil may be that much. With this value of only 0.2 percent, the cannabis oil cannot cause any intoxication. With this amount of 0:2 percent, the purchase is the possession, carrying and consumption of automobiles. Where one has to be careful, depending on one's own consumer behaviour, this can have the consequence that a drug test positive can fail. Especially if you have been consuming for a long time. In case of doubt a drug test can join, but also the necessity to explain the THC. Whereby one usually has nothing to fear here by the consumption.

Tip: Beware the purchase from cannabis oil

If you consume cannabis oil and don't want to do without THC, you should always remember the already mentioned value of 0.2 percent. This is the guiding principle in which consumption is allowed. Especially with the purchase from cannabis oil, especially if you get it over the internet or from abroad, you should always pay attention and check exactly the THC salary. Otherwise, one can easily run the risk of cannabis oil with an inadmissibly high THC content to buy. That wouldn't be allowed, of course, and even a felony.

No THC with pure cannabis oil

With pure, one speaks here also of medical cannabis oil one does not need to worry at all about his driver's license. Because with pure cannabis oil the THC is missing, so that this is not provable at any time. And that regardless of how much you consume the cannabis oil.

Basically you don't have to worry about your driver's license at any time. The consumption of cannabis oil is in Germany allowed. There's differences at cannabis oil. Thus cannabis oil differs between a pure form and a form containing THC. The maximum amount of THC is limited to 0.2 percent. If you consume cannabis oil with THC, you may get a positive drug test during a check depending on the amount and duration. Although it is allowed, one can of course get into the distress of having to explain the test result here. So that you don't experience any nasty surprises with your cannabis oil, you should always pay attention to the purchase's composition. Especially in the case of products from abroad, the maximum permissible value of the THC may quickly be exceeded.

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