Cannabis oil dosage | You must know that!

cannabis oil is used today by many people for a variety of medical purposes, ranging from for atopic dermatitis treatment to concomitant cancer therapy. Accordingly, the dosage is also different. cannabis oil studies show that in many cases a Pain-relieving effect can be achieved with just a few dropss. However, the best dose depends on several factors.

The best dosage by cannabis oil for psoriasis (Psoriasis)

Cannabis oil studies in Israel has recently shown that the active ingredients contained in this herbal product can be successful in the treatment of psoriasis. Already in 2009 it was proven at a Hungarian university that the skin also possesses a cannabinoid system. This system can support various cell processes. Scientists today assume that the development of skin diseases is based on a disorder of this system. The CBD oil can dock to the CB2 receptor and thus strengthen the immune system. It is also assumed that the unsaturated fatty acids in CBD have an anti-inflammatory effect and can also control itching. Today you can get cream with CBD, which you should apply several times a day to the affected skin areas.
You can also use the normal cannabis oil for psoriasis (Psoriasis). For this it is sufficient to spread some drops on the skin. The skin is soothed and the inflammation subsides. The oil should also be applied several times a day. In this way, painful complaints such as painfully dry skin and itching can be improved. Finally, with regular application, the skin improves and psoriasis begins to fade away.

Can cannabis oil during pregnancy be used?

CBD oil has an antiemetic effect and can therefore be an excellent remedy for the nausea that many women experience during pregnancy. Again and again we read that CBD oil is harmless and does not involve any side effects or risks. But during pregnancy likes to be particularly careful with the taking of any medication. Therefore, many women who have already got to know CBD oil and its automobiles ask themselves whether cannabis oil during pregnancy is really safe for mother and child. One argument for the safety of the taking is the fact that the human body is equipped with its own Endocannbinoid system. Thus, the intake of cannabinoids is basically a completely natural process. CBD oil does not contain THC and therefore does not cause intoxication.
However, to this day one relies on presumptions regarding the effects or side effects that CBD during pregnancy may have. There are studies and many User reviews who have cannabis oil taken during pregnancy, but there are no long-term studies yet. Thus, the harmlessness of the drug can neither be confirmed nor denied.

What do CBD studies do?

Cannabinoids were only recognised as an active substance by cannabis oil in the 70s of the last century. To be able to explain the effect of cannabis oil in the human body, further studies were made in the following years. In this way, the body's own endocannabinoid system could be identified. The body contains special cannabinoid receptors, including CB1 and CB2. studies have proven that these are located in most human cells and regulate various processes in the body. These include, for example, the perception of Pain and anxiety, the control of sleep and appetite, as well as the control of the immune system. From a better understanding of the endocannabinoid system, the researchers finally became interested in the potential of cannabinoids as a remedy. Today studies is performed with cancer patients and Crohn's disease patients who have achieved very promising results. But also more common ailments, such as migraine or automobiles could be treated well in test series with cannabis oil. studies were also undertaken to examine an effect von cannabis oil for mental illness. For example, for panic attacks and anxiety states could be achieved good successes.
But research at cannabis oil is still in its infancy. There is a lack of long-term studies with people on a larger scale in order to be able to show real reliable results.

Cannabis oil drops and her correct application

The most common taking form of CBD oil are drops. When choosing purchase, you should make sure that the cannabis oil drops you choose is pure and from a credible manufacturer, preferably from Europe. The question "how much cannabis oil should I take?" is quite individual. The correct dosage depends on body weight and personal reaction to the remedy. Of course, the severity of the symptoms one wants to treat and the concentration of the active ingredient in the CBD drops also play a role. It is advisable to always observe the package insert. Often the lowest dosage consists of two to three drops, which can be two times a day taken. When you take CBD for the first time, you should first take low dose. If you do not achieve the desired effect within 20 to 40 minutes, you can choose a slightly higher dose next time. In this way you can slowly work your way up to the perfect dosage for your own needs. You should always use an oil with the same concentration if you want to use dose correctly. In comparisons one can look around for the cannabis oil reviews/test winner and always use this remedy.

Can cannabis oil be overdosed?

Most users of CBD oil worry less about the perfect dosage than about the possible consequences if they take too much of the take remedy. However, CBD Ol, which does not contain the drug THC, does not actually run the risk of overdosing. The question "Can you overdose cannabis oil" can therefore be answered in the negative. Some people have reported self-testing with high doses of taken to observe the reaction. Most of the time, however, no side effects occurred. Some people reported that the calming effect was too strong, leading to fatigue. Beyond that, however, there are no known negative effects from too high a dosage.

CBD oil can be used for many ailments and legal can be obtained in the pharmacy or on the Internet. A prescription is not necessary. Since CBD is an alternative treatment that is often not prescribed by a doctor, the question of the right dosage always arises. Even with small amounts of cannabis oil, such as one or two drops, the desired effect can usually be achieved. If you have decided on a good product, such as a cannabis oil reviews/test winner, you should experiment with the dosage yourself until you have found the perfect dose for you. According to current knowledge, you do not need to fear overdosing with CBD.

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