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Do you know it? You will soon reach your mid-50s and go downhill physically. Of course, this is not really unusual at first. The body just diminishes with age. But maybe it is with you or with one of your friends, relatives or relatives, unusually strong degradation symptoms. Maybe you've been able to observe that. Maybe you or one of your friends or relatives have great difficulty holding a glass of water in their hands. Or he or she may experience severe mood swings while speaking. These symptoms may continue to take longer with time. But what could it be? Why do you or someone you know have such unusually strong symptoms? Is that normal?
Well, we can tell you. That's certainly not normal. Behind such strong symptoms often hides a disease. A disease that occurs between the ages of 50 and 70. In rarer cases also with younger people. In addition, this disease occurs more often in men than in women. If you want to know what kind of disease it might be, stay tuned and let the article through further.
However, I would like to warn you beforehand. This should only serve as information about the disease and possible remedies. A medical diagnosis and treatment, they can not replace in any case. Therefore, it is absolutely necessary to consult a doctor!

Now, of course, you want to know what kind of disease it might be. Well, if the symptoms already mentioned in the introduction or mentioned below are unusually frequent or severe, then it could be Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis short ALS. But what exactly is ALS?

What is ALS?

ALS is a complex disease of the central and peripheral nervous system. Every year about 100,000 people fall ill with this incurable disease. The most famous ALS patient was probably the world famous physicist, cosmologist and thought leader Stephen Hawking. He suffered from the disease for more than 50 years and was able to communicate with other people at the height of the disease until his death, only with the help of a voice computer.
Even if Stephen Hawking survived with the disease for a long time. As a rule, life expectancy is significantly shortened with this disease. In addition, the symptoms may vary. In other words, not every ALS patient must have the same symptoms.
Well, the first symptoms were already mentioned in the introduction. Further symptoms would be involuntary muscle twitching, muscle atrophy and muscle weakness in arms and both. ALS also affects the respiratory muscles. This is because the central and peripheral nervous systems are affected by ALS. In addition, there can also be a considerable weakening of the language muscles. Chewing and swallowing can also be impaired. This often results in unclear language on the part of the person concerned. In addition, the weakened muscles increase the risk of tripping, which in turn can lead to other injuries. In the worst case, muscle twitching and cramps can occur, resulting in paralysis of the respiratory muscles.
As the disease spreads, those affected lose the ability to walk, speak and breathe. After diagnosis, most people live for about 2-3 years. Stephen Hawking lived on for more than 50 years but of course this is only an exception.
But which product(s) can help relieve the symptoms? Is there something there? Well, there might actually be something. It's called cannabidiol, CBD for short.

Can cannabidiol for ALS really help?

Well. First of all. ALS is considered an incurable disease. That's why we can talk less about healing here. But the individual symptoms can be alleviated.
A brief explanation. CBD is a cannabinoid derived from the blossoms of the female cannabis plant. Unlike the well-known THC, it has no psychoactive effects. That means you can't become "high" from it. That's why it's 100% legal.
But how can this CBD help an ALS patient?
Now, in recent years, there have been many studiess who have proven the effectiveness of CBD. experience of other users also support this. Evidence was collected for the relief of Pain, sleep disorders, spasticity and depression. These also belong to the ALS symptoms. In addition, CBD promotes the survival of nerve cells that can slow the onset of ALS and the course of the disease. As a result, further research will now be conducted into whether CBD and cannabis in general are suitable treatments for ALS.

The bottom line remains to be said. If you are affected by ALS in any way, then the taking from CBD could be of interest to you. Just as an ALS patient. Anyway. If you want CBD products from order, make sure that the manufacturer is within the EU. So you can be sure to get a perfect product.
BUT: At the end I'd like to say once more. Be sure to discuss everything with a doctor!

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